When You Need To Hire A DevOps Engineer

DevOps is a methodology for optimization of all software life cycle processes. Recruiting DevOps engineers allows dedicating a scope of tasks related to ensuring close cooperation between development teams to optimize their workflows and, as a result, helping reduce the time for which the software product gets to the end-user.

DevOps is considered a supporting option, which turns out to be a surprise for business people when they have to allocate a budget for something that isn’t a product. However, sooner or later, digital products with multiple environments and services will require improvements in software development productivity. System scaling or distribution is also a cause to hire a DevOps developer. Thus, experienced DevOps engineers can save time by automating repetitive manual processes related to release management, project builds, or testing by employing the centralized nature of cloud computing.

Key Benefits Of Recruiting DevOps Engineers For Your Business

Flexibility and reduced costs

Automated processes are faster and as a result less expensive. It is reasonable to recruit DevOps engineers when your digital product has launched, or at least three developers work on the project.

Business resilience

Get stability and predictability of deployment to the project. Reduce the risks of integration with third-party services and get a customized CI/CD process.

Effortless scaling

Increasing speed and complexity are real-world market scenarios businesses have to steer through. DevOps practices help deploy apps, recover, configure clouds, replicate and scale IT operations in a more effective way.

Security improvement

Our clients get the safety of everything that is on the project: hacking, security audits, user security controls, hardening of servers, Linux/Unix privileges, SSH keys, permissions, SSL certificates, encryption, etc.

Our DevOps Engineers’ Technical Expertise

Cloud AWS, Azure, Google Cloud
Version control Git
Container orchestration Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Hashicorp Nomad
CI/CD Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, CircleCI, Argo CD, Azure DevOps, AWS Code
Automation Ansible, Vagrant, Packer
IaC Terraform, CDK, AWS CloudFormation, Pulumi
Monitoring and logging New Relic, AWS CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, DataDog, Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Splunk, Opentelemetry
Code quality and code security SonarQube, Veracode, Clair

Services Our DevOps Engineers Will Contribute To Your Business

DevOps engineer services include practices of the network, security, and automation engineering, system administration in Unix and Linux, and cloud practices.

Process automation

If you want to create, design, and maintain Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery pipeline, hire an expert DevOps engineer from the Aimprosoft agency to get automated. Our DevOps engineers can automate your infrastructure tasks via IaC or Bash/Python scripting, maintain and configure clusters of servers, and increase the deployment time.

Network and storage management

Network and storage management are crucial in the business context. They are expected to be high-performed, dependable, and scalable. Physical data centers or cloud environments are within the power of our DevOps engineers to push the boundaries and bring your business to a new level.


It helps increase the agility, flexibility, and scalability of the IT environment, while also significantly reducing costs. As a result, our clients get increased workload mobility, resource performance and availability, process automation, and a more manageable and cost-effective IT infrastructure.

Highly distributed systems

If you find DevOps engineers, who are the masters of Linux, you will get created highly distributed systems based on AWS, Microsoft, or Google cloud. The power of microservices, Kubernetes, and virtual servers will be available to store and run your business software applications and services.

System interaction

Find a DevOps engineer at Aimprosoft who will enable the organization of interaction between modules of the microservice architecture, their management in K8s clusters, modules logging, metrics, and tracing. Get running containerized applications across multiple machines and environments: virtual, physical, cloud-based, and on-premises.

Setting up continuous feedback

Creating a complete chronology of events in development and administration to assist in resolving issues and enabling the development team to access issues analysis on the production server, creating self-service and information radiators helps control system behavior.

Our Streamlined Process Of Hiring A DevOps Engineer


Hiring for DevOps services begins with a prescreening of candidates' CVs. Selected candidates are asked to do a test task optionally to try their hard skills.

Interview with a customer

The video interview with a customer follows next by introducing you to the most suitable candidates for your project. You can get acquainted with candidates and try how they fit into your corporate culture and core team.

Tech interview

The Tech interview is a more in-depth assessment of the hard skills of candidates who passed successfully previous rounds. Practical tasks with real scenarios are optional if a customer wants to test a DevOps engineer's expertise level.

Signing a contract

We sign the contract when the best-matched persona is agreed upon to start cooperation. You can employ all expertise of our DevOps engineer as a programmer or consultant in full.

Engagement Models To Choose When Hiring DevOps Engineers

You can hire DevOps engineers as a part of the dedicated team. Scaling startups or large businesses can benefit from DevOps services for long-term projects and frequent deployments with 5+ engaged developers. A DevOps engineer can help choose services for deployment and act as an infrastructure application architect.

DevOps specialists can extend your development team under the staff augmentation model. It is a choice for startups or businesses that start gaining momentum, and the project requirements are vague. It is an excellent option to remove some manual deployment tasks from developers and transfer them into automation.

In case of full-cycle development, DevOps can join the team as Architects and Deployment insurers. Thus, the complex system can be developed from scratch with minimum risks and faster.

Successful Use Cases From Our Vetted DevOps Engineers

Complex IoT-powered smart home solution

DevOps services for the project cover infrastructure planning and setting up in AWS using IaaC (Terraform, Terragrunt). Amazon Web Services (IoT core, AppSync, Timestream Database, IAM, Lambda, SNS, SES). As a unit testing, a bash-script was created that pulls a template from the project, checks syntax, and calls the TaskCat tool to check if the deployment was successful.

TMI: analytics platform for the do-it-yourself investors

We created AWS infrastructure using Terraform (ECS FARGATE, CloudFront, QuickSight, ElastiCache), developed CI/CD pipelines for frontend and backend microservices deployment using CodeBuild, and migrated existing infrastructure to container-based solutions with zero downtime. The project is now under Aimprosoft’s support.

SaaS solution for service inventory planning

Aimprosoft DevOps engineers developed an AWS Cognito/Cloudfront-based solution for non-AWS users for uploading media files into a secured S3 bucket and created CodePipeline CI/CD automated deployment of further changes to the stack. Automated CI/CD pipeline solutions (Jenkins, Bitbucket) for existing React/Python/Java microservices, CI/CD for automated tests of the UI part, and serverless AWS Lambda-based solutions for automated reporting have accelerated the system. A full-scale "lift-and-shift" migration of over 100 Linux/Windows servers from an on-premises environment into AWS, along with their further optimization and upgrade.

HomeLike: online booking service for long rentals

We used AWS as a cloud vendor to perform DevOps services for scaling and continuous integration. Kubernetes (EKS), EC2, WAF, Cloudwatch, Nginx, and MongoDB were used as utilities and services. AWS infrastructure was created based on the Terraform. CircleCI formed the ground of CI/CD and improved current processes. Existed EKS implementation was checked and we fixed issues and conducted upgrades of EKS and underlying nodes. Created and maintained production-level AWS WAF to address numerous network traffic issues and provide full observability over incoming network flow.

Clients’ Reviews

Jason Lexer, President of Aeleron Technology Inc.

Jason Lexer,
President of
Aeleron Technology Inc.

“Aeleron Technology Inc. has had a long and fruitful partnership with Aimprosoft company. Since 2007 we’ve been working together on projects in numerous domains, including the pharmaceutical industry, eСommerce, law practice management, image management, and others. These projects have featured custom development of both web and mobile-based solutions. Throughout our entire cooperation, Aimprosoft developers were very attentive to all details, organized, and passionate about their work. We are looking forward to cooperating with Aimprosoft in the future so that we could merge Aeleron services with Aimprosoft expertise in software development to deliver top-notch products.”
Tim Aldridge, Digital Product Manager, Ram Tool Construction Supply

Tim Aldridge
Digital Product Manager
Ram Tool Construction Supply

“Continuing to be a close partner, Aimprosoft has done an excellent job on all tasks. The team remains flexible and offers many services. They’re affordable and have assigned staff that works North American hours when requested.”
Demchenko Yevhen, Head of Engineering, The Home Like

Demchenko Yevhen
Head of Engineering
The Home Like

“We’d had some negative experiences with companies in the past misrepresenting the seniority of their team members. Aimprosoft, on the other hand, gave us a list of engineers based on price, with a description of their experience levels. Those levels have been exactly as depicted”

Why Hire A DevOps Engineer At Aimprosoft

80% of our DevOps engineers are senior and middle

Attentiveness is one of the core skills in the DevOps selection

Proactive in taking measures to maintain stability

Deductive reasoning and deep expertise of the technologies

Seamless integration into your current infrastructure without any interruption

We’re able to support deployments for long-term projects