General project description

The Alfresco-based web app is meant to manage documentation in lawyer firms. Specialists of the firm are located worldwide in all attractive areas where a legal assistance associated with governmental institutions and public services is necessary. Legal documentation is characterized by forms, pleadings, correspondence, discovery documents, emails, etc. Working with clients it is critically important to have documents being retrieved, accessible, organized and categorized. Creating a portal for lawyer firm based on Alfresco with a reliable seamless document storage system could adjust an intricate workflow and arrange smart storing. Before we started, obsolete technologies limited operational activity of the firm taking time for manual work and communication through off-site services. We have developed a portal serving to store a huge amount of documents, cases, matters, other types of documentation in one place. Easy access from any place, any device, using any protocol attains by any lawyer from any branch office abroad. This platform is integrated with different third-party applications. It supports clustering, importing and exporting data, a flexible permission model per each site type, custom data forms. It resulted in a meaningful and useful tool to work with documents.


Legal Industry


  • Alfresco Development;
  • QA;
  • DevOps;
  • Ongoing support and improvements.

Key Features

  • Flexible creation of sites and features by dynamic ‘one by one’ on/off configuration. Also, it includes on-the-fly filtering to view documents and provides Documents and User Activity trials per each site also.
  • Central Authorization Service allows a user to log in automatically to all subsystems integrated into the solution. Along with improved invitation mechanism and automatic password reset policy, all this prevents extra manual actions while working with documents.
  • Seclore integration enhances an access control for documents located in Alfresco or downloaded from it making security and collaboration even right. Access to documents without Seclore is impossible.
  • Per page document loading based on FlexPaper prevents the user from wasting time when viewing a document. The first page is displayed right away when opening.
  • Extended audit subsystem collects the whole information about every event appeared inside the system. The administrator is aware of every particular event happened.
  • Automatic password reset policy is intended for resetting a user's password each 6 months. Secure questions to reset password are set manually.
  • Improved invitation mechanism allows site managers to send invitations to new users to remind them if an invitation email was missed.

Project resources

Team size:

  • 1 Product Owner;
  • 2 Developers;
  • 1 QA Engineer.

Implementation period:

In progress since October 2013.

Project technical description


Alfresco 4.2.x - 5.2.x.


  • Java;
  • Alfresco SDK;
  • Web Script Framework;
  • Content Models;
  • MySQL;
  • Integration of Abbyy OCR;
  • Integration of JavaPowUpload applet;
  • Integration of Aspose file format API;
  • Integration with JasperReports;
  • Integration with Seclore EDRM;
  • Integration witn CrashFTP (SFTP);
  • Integration with Elasticsearch;
  • Integration with CAS SSO.


  • Alfresco Surf framework;
  • Alfresco Share Forms;
  • Dojo JS;
  • YUI2 JS;
  • Aikau;
  • Integration of FlexPaper;
  • Theme Design.


  • Postfix;
  • Amazon EC2;
  • Amazon S3;
  • Amazon SES;
  • Amazon EFS;
  • Amazon Aurora RDS;
  • Amazon LB/ALB.

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