Software Product Development Services


Minimum Viable Product Building

You can start with the smallest version of the application that is already able to deliver a real profit.


Product & Application Re-engineering

Our team can help you re-analyze, re-design and redevelop your product with a fresh approach.


Product & Application Enhancement

The existing software product should be enhanced with additional features regularly.


Software Testing & Continuous Integration

An appropriate software integration with the subsequent automated verification can help to detect errors and fix them more quickly.

Minimum Viable Product

We can develop the simplest software product to be tested by users. It determines whether you should go forward or phase it out. An MVP design process is iterative, in other words, you will be able to make adjustments in the course of development.

  • Precise budget estimate and the exact amount of resources needed for the development of the complete software product;
  • Speeded up Time to Market allows you to increase sales profit faster;
  • Reduction of waste hours during software development process focusing on main features;
  • Agile and fast slaving of the development team to customer's needs for executing rapid iteration.
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Software Product Re-engineering

Alfresco Apple Java Node

Our software application development services can help your company identify weaknesses of the existing project and turn it then into a high-performed and easy-to-use program. Redevelopment of software products includes but is not limited to:

  • Analysis of the process to reveal problems and implement system improvements;
  • Enhancement of the system security, performance, and scalability;
  • Adding new or enlarging the existing functionality;
  • Replacement the existing software or mobile app with no appreciable interruption for the business, if necessary.

Software Product Enhancement

After a while, any operating software developed earlier requires renovation caused by the rise of more promising technology or a client's vision to extend it with the new additional features. Our company can assist your business with the development of a software product at any production stage.

  • Minor Enhancement – modifying or adding one or a few not critical features;
  • Major Enhancement – modifying or adding multiple or critical features;
  • Integrating new applications with existing systems to perform optimization;
  • Converting to SaaS to deliver for your web-based applications new features in a cost-effective fashion.
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Testing & Continuous Integration

Alfresco Apple Java Node

Software product development services include testing and continuous integration. Due to these technological processes separate changes are immediately tested and added to a larger code base. Continuous integration is approved for providing rapid feedbacks to identify the possible defects and correct them as soon as possible.

  • Quality Assurance and Control;
  • Software Testing;
  • Committing program code frequently;
  • Using feedback mechanisms.

Development, Integration and Testing Process

  • 1. Consulting

    You are near the start of a new project. When you come to a software product development company and share your ideas with us, the first thing we do is a mutual dialog: listening to you and asking questions. We turn into investigators to learn your business, understand what you breathe and find the best way of software product development assistance. If we see our expertise is required there, we offer a rough estimate, to begin with.

    The rough estimate of budget and time completes a preliminary detailed proposal. Long years of our experience, scores of similar projects behind, and primary project requirements ground the proposal. Pre-project consulting is of high priority when we get acquainted with your enterprise and propose solutions.

  • 2. Research & Planning

    We believe, there are no problems, there are challenges which kindle that fire in us. Speaking your language means to us total understanding your user needs, market, characteristics of the industry you work in, competitors, your UTP, potential risks, ROI rates, etc. We define the direction of future movement collaboratively at the stage of research and planning.

    Once we understand the challenge and agree on the right solution, we will pick out key features of the project, confirm specifications, schedule milestones resulting in the final estimate. We enter the development process as a close-knit team which will dare to challenge the market.

  • 3. Development

    All our energies are streamed to produce ultimate qualitative and feasible code, which will require minimum support, be stable and answer state-of-the-art standards of the software delivery.

    To launch the product and let it evaluate as soon as possible while operating, we start from the essential features developing functionality. Our thinking is guided by the principle to force one feature and polish it brightly instead of getting scattered with multiple tasks being uncompleted. As a result, it guarantees qualitatively done and tested software.

  • 4. Delivery and Support

    You choose us as a partner to raise some money. Once the first release was done, your software starts to benefit. To make it in the right way we can advise you with principles of distribution for your system and market, the proven hosting and appropriate licensing. Both internal, shared, dedicated, and cloud – any type of your software will be carefully deployed and hosted. The real quality mark of our software product development services lies not only in the release but also in after-launch support of your software program. Believe, one can trust Aimprosoft experts.

Either you have your in-house development team or are a growing startup, we can consider our partnership as a long-term venture. Your maintenance costs go down with a reliable software provider surely. You will be on the velvet with our job done well. When it's long-term you can only gain there.

Our version control system stores all of your project artifacts. We staged our backup-and-restore process to ensure data security. Performing regular backups is one of the top priorities for local and offsite storages. A continuous control of continuous integration process ensures building and running smart tests which respond quickly to upcoming changes.

Consider software product development?